Monday, November 30, 2009

Caught in a Rug!!

It is so frustrating to get stuck in a rug, in your own house!   One night I was heading to bed and got caught in the bigger floor rug, under my chair.  I could not get lose from the rug and the chair would do nothing but spin.  I was fortunate enough to make it to the walker and walk to bed, very frustrated that I could get stuck in my own home!  

After that I gave the rug away and got a small rug, so it would not get caught again!  My husband needed me outside.  I got stuck in the small rug again, so no more rugs to catch dirt for me!!

Take notice of the small traps of life, when looking so easy and innocent, it could catch you before you realize it.


Cami said...

So true, Kim. And at this time of my life being on crutches as long as I have so far, I can relate better than ever to the physical trappings!

(And what a lovely spot you have to sit and write! : )

Karen said...'s the little things that can cause the most damage sometimes....

Alicia The Snowflake said...

Amen! I know what you mean about those traps.

I once had a boss who got his phone cord all tangled in his office chair. Then as he was trying to get unstuck, he accidently scattered his towering stack of business cards on the floor. I eventually had to help him get unstuck and clean up the mess. It was quite funny!

Tina said...

ugh, that sounds soooo frustrating!
i love the name of your blog....i think i should be saying "things could always be worse" sometimes!!
thanks for the follow...
Tina (MBC)

Genny said...

Good for you for giving the rug away!

Glad you linked up over at my site. :)


Inday said...

How a small incident and accident can matter most for all of us. Great allegory for any traps that we humans inevitably can befall to. And yes, even right in our own home.

You could have plastered it down Kim, if not, nailed it down to put it securely in its place.

I hope you are okay.

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