Thursday, October 29, 2009

One Step at a Time

What do you do when so many things are happening at once?  I try to remember one step at a time, to get on with life's struggles.  It is one day at a time.

Dad was admitted again to the hospital today, hoping it is only a minor problem, and not a stroke.  We will be with him tomorrow. Hospitals are a blessing, even when we do not wish to be there.

I need to stop thinking about how tired I am,  because at least we still have a Dad.

We are fortunate to be enjoying a time, with family from Reno, Nevada.  It is such a blessing to see family, even when some things are not planned.   Reunions are such good memories.

I am grateful for a loving family and I will make it, one step at a time, through this challenging weekend of life events, both good and bad.


Karen said...

That's so day at a step at a time...praying for your dad....

A.Marie said...

Like my Grandma always used to say, "Inch by inch, life's a cinch, but yard by yard, life is hard." Just take it an "inch" at a time....I'll be thinking of your Dad!

Life is definitely a challenge, but Faith in God and Family make those challenges easier to bear!

Theo said...

Your Blog is beautiful.I'm following you and i have already learnt something new just by reading your posts.

Praying for your Dad.

Theody said...

Forgot to add i'm from MBC.

Elizabeth McKenzie said...

You have a lovely attitude. I wish the best for your dad.

About a year ago, my mother fell. she was living in her dream home after her husband died and so happy there. It broke all of our hearts to have to put her in assisted living. Now, she's happy and says she wants for nothing. She's 88 and we thought we'd lost her.

Thanks for visiting my blog and joining me on my journey.

Theody said...

How is your dad? Still lifting you and yours up in prayer.

Sherry said...

Thanks for stopping by my little piece of cyberspace and leaving a comment!

I love inspirational poeple like yourself. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and the gratefulness you have inside not matter what's going on. One step at a time is a very good reminder to all of us expecialy during those overwhelming and rough times.

Thanks again and love your blog!!

Organize Your Life said...

Yes, when things get a bit overwhelming -or ALOT overwhleming - taking baby steps and not letting yourself get wrapped up in 'worst case' scenarios in your head can help reduce the stress levels. :)

Claire McFee
Organize Your Life Organizers

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