Thursday, August 14, 2014

Vacation of a Lifetime

This will be my new home as we drive across the next few weeks.
(Leaving my home in the good hands of many sitters for my beloved dogs!)

My hubs has talked about doing a RV road trip for 25 years......funny how I finally got on board now........since I have a reason such as a grandbaby clear across the country in California!!

I am no Lewis and Clark so I hope to get plenty of rest in this nice Winnebago we rented.......

as we venture across America!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

My Dog Saved My Life

I was driving my power wheelchair fast down this ramp to get to my backyard....when I heard my dog barking frantically behind me, I looked back.

and there was a gray snake uncurling from the gray brick wall on the ramp 

as far from me as where you can see the dog collar lays at in the pic above....

I had just passed by a snake and did not notice it!!!

I think uh oh as it starts slithering down the ramp toward me....I have nowhere to go!

quickly my mastiff horse dog went after it and bit the snake almost in half!
dogs collar after he fought snake

When hubs finally got out there he said the snake was a 3 ft water moccasin....he pushed the snake off the I could get back in the house.

I felt so protected after it was all over last night!

 I Thank God for watching over me! And my horse dog too.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

My Dads One Year Passing

My dad passed away one year ago still hurts and I still miss him everyday!

One year later a plant that was sent to his blooming so pretty now.

I see it as a message from him.
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