Sunday, February 22, 2015

Olive and the Great Flood Blog Tour

Interesting Animal Facts
By Connie Arnold

As part of the blog tour for Olive and the Great Flood, a new children’s picture book published by
Guardian Angel Publishing, which is about the dove who was sent out from Noah’s Ark, here are some facts and theories about how all those animals could have fit.  Some of the information comes from

According to Biblical accounts, the ark must have been at least 450 feet long, 75 feet wide and 45 feet high. Total floor space would have been over 100,000 square feet. The total cubic volume would equal that of about what 569 railroad cars would hold. That is definitely huge!

How many animals could have fit on the ark? Remember that there were two of each kind, male and female. Only air breathing animals would need to be included, because fish and other sea creatures, including aquatic mammals and reptiles, probably had no problem surviving when the earth was covered with water. So maybe less than 50,000 animals (at that time) actually had to be on the ark. Hard to imagine, isn’t it? But ample room could be found to accommodate them given the size of the ark. Most of them would not have been large and could have been young ones, not fully grown.

The problem of caring for the animals and feeding them seems a large one, but one theory is that they went into a sort of hibernation state and didn’t need much food or care. This is where Olive has a big part! Her peaceful songs and coos help the animals feel calm and go to sleep in Olive and the Great Flood.
The schedule for the tour can be found at Connie’s blog. Please visit as many of the blogs as you can for more interesting posts, reviews, video and interviews. Be sure to comment to receive entry to prize drawing for two prizes - Connie’s first children’s book, Animal Sound Mix-up, or a 24K Gold Plated Wind Chime Sun Catcher Dove.

Olive and the Great Flood is available from Amazon and Connie's Website. 


Connie Arnold said...

Thank you for being such a valuable part of my blog tour for Olive and the Great Flood, Kim! Hope folks will enjoy these interesting facts about animals on the ark and the picture from the book. Olive had a big job and was a great help to the animals in remaining calm and sleeping!

Wanda said...

I hadn't thought about all the animals of the sea wouldn't need to be on the ark itself.

Robyn Campbell said...

WOW, Connie. I never thought about the sea creatures being able to survive the flood. All my life. I MUST ask this question to my kids. Love what you said about the animals being young and probably going into hibernation. LOVE your story, Connie!

Connie Arnold said...

Some interesting thoughts for sure, Robyn! I am so happy you enjoy my story.

Ginny said...

These ark facts are so interesting and help clear up many questions! The book looks so sweet!

Connie Arnold said...

Thank you, Ginny! Glad they helped make things clearer.

Connie Arnold said...

Wanda, that does make a difference in how many there were, doesn't it?

sprinkles said...

Interesting! I never thought about the sea creatures surviving the floods.

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hello greetings and good wishes.

Great research work has gone into the story. Mind blowing facts. It is amazing how in the days of Noah so much knowledge and skill existed. God can work wonders.

Very interesting book.

Best wishes

Connie Arnold said...

Sprinkles, it makes sense, doesn't it, but not what one would usually think about.

Connie Arnold said...

Thank you, Joseph. Yes it does take research. Fortunately the Bible contains the story and many details.

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