Friday, March 1, 2013

One Year with my Baclofen Pump

It has been a year since I had a baclofen pump surgically first I had a rough time with the surgery but by now.....I finally feel it was worth it.

Here is the technical info:  I wear a medtronic pump inside my abdomen just under the skin....I can almost forget about it since it is computerized....except every 6 months I have to get it refilled by the doctor (they simply refill it with a needle).

However...When I am freezing....I seem to forget about how the heat irritates the MS.

I have noticed when I bundle up to get warm and legs start moving and cramping with those same old leg spasms that I had prior to the pump.

But when I dress cooler....turn off the electric blanket....the spasticity usually goes away.

The Solution for me....
is to live on the edge of freezing...
I am free of the pain of leg spasms!
thanks to technology


  1. How interesting, I never knew such a medical device existed.

    I'm glad to hear you have a way to avoid the pain of spasms.

  2. So do you feel it was worth it? My spasticity hasn't reached the point where I'd consider it, but it's nice to know if it's the right choice.

  3. So happy it is working for you.... Not sure I could live on the edge of freezing. I guess when you are in enough pain, you do what you gotta do.

  4. so you have to chooose being cold or spastic... good you have the choice sad you have to choose. this pump sounds like miracle to me...

  5. So glad to hear the Baclofen pump is working so well. My niece who has CP has had hers for about 2 years, it has made quite a difference in her spasms too! Sorry you have had to keep yourself on the cooler side though, it's interesting us MG folks tend to do better in the cold also.

  6. Wow, that was a fast year. I spasm in the heat, I spasm in the cold. I need the temperature to be just right!

  7. Glad the pump is working well, Kim... I find that I do better and stay healthier when I am not HOT. I love getting into a warm bed at nights (in a cold room) --but find that I have to turn the blanket off quickly --or else my feet and legs will bother me... SO--I understand where you are!!!!!


  8. Heat causes/exacerbates my spasms too. Which means I never tuck the bed in so that I can put my feet/legs out from under the covers to cool down. I am glad the baclofen pump works for you. Very glad.

  9. Oh dear...that sucks!
    But I am glad the new pump is working!
    Be well

  10. So glad it is working for you. Not good you have to freeze to make it work. Too bad there isn't a happy in between.

  11. The wonders of technology! I congratulate you on this year gone by and onward to more good days! Hugs!

  12. Technolgy is so amazing and it keeps getting better. So glad we have b/ c of how it's helping you.....

  13. .... the diagram is very are courageous enough to derive respect from me!! Salute to you for enjoying life so beautifully!! ....take care, keep smiling...stay blessed!

  14. It seems like you just got the pump! That was a fast year.
    Glad it is doing its job. Stay cool!

  15. Interesting to hear your insight about the pump. My docs have mentioned it to me, but I think the pills are still working.

    I have heard electric blankets are not good for anyone, much less for those with MS.

    Continued good luck!

  16. Glad the pumps is in good order. Ya the wonders of technology :)


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